Double Password

Double Password

As of November 2010, DoublePassword is NO LONGER distributed or being sold. You may consider Keylogger Software products for passive computer security.

You simply unplug your flash drive, and there it is, right in your hands, - a key to your computer.

No key – no access!

The idea is really simple, the contrivance is simply ingenious. Why buy an additional expensive security token, when you already have a flash drive or some USB gadget – something a modern computer user can’t do without?

Before Double Password the answer was - because you simply can’t use a flash drive as a security token! Well, Mipko Software has made a revolutionary step, and now you can.

Plug in a USB device, program it with the help of Double Password intuitively clear wizard, unplug it – and your computer is locked and safe as a Swiss bank.

Double Password is also flexible and gives you an opportunity to choose the level of your security: low, medium or high. The first means that protection is disabled and your system is open to all users. You might choose it when you are absolutely sure no intruder will make an attempt to access your information.

At the second level to log into your OS a user will need a special security token, which has been previously created on a USB gadget. The highest level of security is provided on the “physical” level – as soon as you unplug your USB gadget, previously turned into a security token with the help of Double Password, your computer will be blocked. That will actually allow access to your computer only in your presence.

It is easy to describe the way how Double Password works in just a couple of sentences. First, it installs onto your flash drive and all you need here is about 2 megabytes of free space. Then comes the time for you to enter a password and this is where Double Password reveals its “double” nature. Usually when you type a password, any spy program that logs all your keystrokes can easily intercept it.

Even if the password field on the screen is masked, the password can be read by buttons you hit on your keyboard. Double Password has successfully solved this problem. When you type a password, the program momentarily converts it into a super-strong password string, which it actually remembers. That means you can use simple, easy-to-remember passwords and be sure they will never be cracked.